Monday 27 April 2015 9:02 am

General Election 2015 poll: SNP “going from strength to strength”

A new snapshot by TNS shows the Scottish National Party (SNP) is on course to sweep Scotland in next week’s General Election.
The poll has Nicola Sturgeon’s party with 54 per cent support in Scotland, while Labour trail on 22 per cent in what has traditionally been its electoral heartland. 
Tom Costley, head of TNS Scotland, said: “Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP appear to be going from strength to strength.”
The poll will help the Tories ramp up their attack that the only way Ed Miliband achieve power on 8 May is with the support of the SNP – and that this will involve higher taxes, and the potential breakup of the UK.
However, Labour leader Ed Miliband moved to end any speculation of an SNP deal in a television interview yesterday.
The poll also shows that the increased levels of engagement triggered by the tense independence referendum campaign have not been lost. Some 67 per cent of Scots said they will definitely vote next week,  higher than the 62 per cent average TNS found in the rest of the UK.
The full result of the poll was: SNP 54% (+2), Lab 22% (-2), Con 13% (0), LD 6% (0), Green 2% (-1), UKIP 2% (+1)
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