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Dogecoin steals the limelight in a golden week for cryptocurrency

Crypto at a glance

A splash of red adorns the top of the charts this morning, a trickle of blood across this week’s otherwise-sunny landscape.

The past few weekends have been good to the crypto markets, but does a swathe of single digit drops across the major coins signal bad tidings ahead? Or will it see another huge push past recently-set all-time highs?

Bitcoin has seen a slight correction, down roughly two per cent over the last 24 hours and currently trading at just below $62,000. The leading cryptocurrency has been riding a wave this week amidst the mania surrounding the Coinbase listing, so it was arguably due some pull back. All eyes now or whether it can hold the $60,000 level or bounce back sharply, as it generally has been recently?

Despite Bitcoin’s strong showing generally this week – up six per cent at time of writing – it’s actually continued to drop in market dominance and currently sits at just 53 per cent. That’s its lowest level since August 2018. Leading alt coin Ethereum (ETH) yesterday broke through the elusive $2,500 barrier for the first time, though it’s down one per cent now over the last day.

Other leaders Binance Coin (BNB) and XRP are also down this morning, although all have still seen healthy gains in the last seven days of 30 per cent and 66 per cent respectively.

It seems much of the crypto market’s strength today is being driven by better news further down the ranks, possibly as traders look elsewhere in their hunt for greater risks and bigger profits. There were double digit rises for old favourite Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and other recent climbers like Theta (THETA) and Filecoin (FIL), though it’s self-proclaimed meme coin Dogecoin (DOGE) that’s really tearing out in front. The Elon Musk-supported cryptocurrency is up more than 90 per cent in the last 24 hours alone. It’s currently got a market cap of over $30 billion – bigger than Freddie Mac and Capgemini. Wild.

The huge Doge pump might be a familiar sight to those in the space, but this one seems to have come courtesy of news of institutional investment (of sorts). Smoked meat stick vendor Slim Jim was this week reported to have an actual official Doge strategy, reporting in an earnings call that its Twitter follower count increased by 160 per cent and tweet impressions soared (35 million impressions in 25 days) after it started engaging in Shiba Inu meme coin content last quarter. Will others be inspired to follow their lead?

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Total crypto market cap

The total capitalisation of the entire cryptocurrency market at time of writing is currently  $2,206,992,445,805, down from $2,230,550,604,862 yesterday.

What Bitcoin did yesterday

We closed yesterday, April 15 2021, at a price of $63,314.01 – down from $63,109.70 the day before.

The daily high yesterday was $63,821.67 and the daily low was $62,208.96.

This time last year, the price of Bitcoin closed the day at $6,642.11. In 2019, it closed at $5,067.11.

Bitcoin market capitalisation

Bitcoin’s market capitalisation at time of writing is $1.149 trillion, down from $1.175 trillion yesterday. To put that into context, the market cap of gold is $11.21 trillion and Alphabet (Google) is $1.544 trillion.

Bitcoin volume

The total spot trading volume reported by all exchanges over the last 24 hours was $72,975,953,153, down from $74,622,762,225 yesterday. High volumes can indicate that a significant price movement has stronger support and is more likely to be sustained.


The price volatility of Bitcoin over the last 30 days is 39.74%.

Fear and Greed Index

Market sentiment remains in Extreme Greed at 78.

Bitcoin’s market dominance

Bitcoin’s market dominance today is 53.33. Its lowest ever recorded dominance was 37.09 on January 8 2018.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

The daily RSI is currently 60.60. Values of 70 or above indicate that an asset is becoming overbought and may be primed for a trend reversal or experience a correction in price – an RSI reading of 30 or below indicates an oversold or undervalued condition.

Convince your Nan: Soundbite of the day

“I think Bitcoin is on an inevitable path to have the same market capitalization and then a higher one than gold. It’s how fast adoption is happening. Adoption is happening faster than I had predicted.”

– Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon on CNBC

What they said yesterday

The likes say a lot…

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