Monday 8 July 2019 4:00 pm

Police release daredevil climber who scaled London's 95-storey Shard skyscraper

A man who was filmed climbing the outside of The Shard early this morning was let go by police later today, after reaching the building’s 95th floor.

Police said the daredevil had been taken inside Britain’s tallest building with officers, after they were called at 5.15am to reports of a person scaling the tower.

The man, who is yet to be identified, was spotted by passers by in London Bridge near the 310m building’s pinnacle. The Shard is 95 storeys high. Police said he was not taken into custody.

A Met Police spokesman said: “Officers were called following reports of a ‘free-climber’ on the Shard.

“Emergency services attended and the man went inside the building where he was spoken to by officers. He was not arrested.”

One Twitter user wrote: “People out that climbing the shard on a Monday morning, I can’t even get out of bed in time.”