Monday 2 December 2019 7:33 am

London Bridge: Usman Khan's 2012 terror accomplice arrested in police review of terrorists on licence

A convicted terrorist who was a co-conspirator of London Bridge killer Usman Khan has been arrested on suspicion of preparing new terrorist acts.

Nazam Hussain, 34, from Stoke-on-Trent, was a co-conspirator in London Bridge killer Usman Khan’s 2010 plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange.

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A West Midlands Police spokesperson said: “There is no information to suggest that the arrested man was involved in the incident at London Bridge on Friday.”

They added that there was “no immediate risk to public safety”.

West Midlands Police said Hussain “was recalled to prison due to a suspected breach of his licence conditions”.

Police conducted Hussain’s search warrant last night “in connection to a wider on-going review of existing licence conditions of convicted terrorism offenders”.

Those searches are continuing.

Khan killed two people and injured three others in the knife attack that started at Fishmongers’ Hall in London Bridge.

Both Hussain and Khan – from Stoke-on-Trent – received indeterminate sentences with a minimum of eight years in prison each in 2012 for their parts in plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange.

Potential targets in the 2010 plot included the then-mayor of London Boris Johnson and two rabbis.

Both gained fixed term sentences when they successfully appealed against their sentences in 2013, and were released on licence in December 2018.

As Prime Minister, Johnson has supported a review of 74 people released early from terror convictions.

The government announced plans last night to pass new anti-terror laws that would jail terrorists for at least 14 years and bar them from early release.

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Khan was still wearing a location tracker from prison when he killed two University of Cambridge graduates on Friday.

Police shot him dead on London Bridge shortly after, with Khan wearing a hoax explosive device.

Police have searched a Stoke premises where Khan had been staying, as well as a block of flats in Stafford also linked to the terrorist, in connection with Friday’s attack, according to Sky News.