Friday 4 March 2016 5:17 pm

From experience to tenacity: Here are five key traits shared by all successful entrepreneurs

Confidence, passion or a true belief in their business idea is the route to success for many entrepreneurs, and while these qualities are often the most celebrated, they will rarely deliver in isolation. When you scratch the surface, many entrepreneurs also possess a broader set of skills and personality traits that help them in all areas and stages of business life, and should be developed to amplify personal and business performance.

1. Knowledge and experience

The most successful entrepreneurs have prior experience in the industry in which they want to create a business. This prior knowledge of the industry allows them to be one step ahead and know what works best, what has been done before, what key competitors are doing and where their new business will fit in the market. Furthermore, entering a familiar market may mean that they already have key industry contacts. This will make it easier to build upon these existing relationships, asking for help and advice from those already in the market in order to advance their new business.

2. Tenacity

Those who succeed have often demonstrated great persistence, so don’t expect instant success. Setting up and launching your own business is not an easy thing to do. Persistence is key. If you don’t succeed at first, learn from what did not work and evaluate how you can adapt and change your business plan to eventually reach the point of success. Establishing your own business can take time, especially in difficult and competitive markets, but persevere and your efforts will pay off.

3. Desire to build a team

Although many successful businesses are often attributed to one person, don’t restrict yourself by thinking you have to build your empire on your own. Use the resources around you, communicate with others who may be able to help and use their expertise. Build on what you know with those around you, using their experience, key skills and who they know. Networking is vital on the path to success. Create a support network of people around you to share in your vision and these people will become members of your team, all working together to reach your goal.

Partnerships are also a great way of networking and strengthening the foundation of your business. The ability to communicate your vision effectively to other influential people so that they too buy into your idea and want to be a part of your business is a trait which can separate the most successful entrepreneurs from the rest.

4. Problem solving

Creating and launching your own business is bound to have a tricky and complicated path. There will be problems to face and hurdles to overcome. In the same way in which tenacity is important for successful entrepreneurs, so is the ability to critically evaluate your business and deal with problems which arise.

Don’t expect to be able to solve all of your issues immediately. Use what you have to hand and what resources your team can come together to use to solve one problem at a time. Each problem you overcome will get you one step closer to your goal.

5. Passion and commitment

Successful entrepreneurs have a real passion for the market they are entering and are committed to reaching their potential and fulfilling their goal. This passion and commitment is what keeps entrepreneurs going when times are tough. Without passion and commitment, the fundamental reasons as to why you want to start your business are void. You need to have passion for your own business and be prepared to make a few sacrifices on your journey to success. If you don’t love what you do and believe in yourself, it will be difficult to convince the rest of the market to invest and believe in you.