Wednesday 12 May 2021 6:00 am

Premier League and Manchester United named top of the table for cashing in on social media

The Premier League and Manchester United have the most valuable social media output across all sports, according to a new report.

The Premier League is projected to derive £302m from activity on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by year end, more than any other sport competition in the world. 

Manchester United, meanwhile, have a digital inventory worth an estimated £90m a year, the most of any sports team anywhere.

The findings are from the first ever Digital Value of Fans report, which was published today by digital asset platform Horizm.

Premier League beats LaLiga and NBA

The Premier League’s digital assets are worth almost as much as the next two leagues in the ranking, LaLiga and the NBA.

Serie A and the NFL made up the top five, followed by the Bundesliga, Ligue 1, the NHL and MLB.

The NHL was found to be the most efficient at generating income from digital inventory, ahead of the Premier League and NBA.

Man Utd top as European football dominates

Manchester United lead the way in the ranking of teams that have an audience of more than 20m across social platforms, which is dominated by English and European football clubs.

Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Chelsea make up the top five.

United are also the most efficient at generating value from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, ahead of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and Inter Milan.

All of the Premier League’s Big Six feature in the top 10.

The findings come after plans for a breakaway European Super League featuring England’s richest clubs, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Inter Milan collapsed last month.

Projected values for the year are based on data from Q1.