Wednesday 15 January 2020 1:05 pm

This is the age when most Brits achieve job satisfaction

The average British worker will not be satisfied with their job until they reach the age of 45, according to research released today.

A survey commissioned by global job site Indeed found that by this point in their career employees will have had eight different jobs and four major setbacks.

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Nearly half of the 1,500 employees who took part in the survey said they had been rejected following an interview.

Other common stumbling blocks included arguments with a boss, cited by 42 per cent, and redundancy, cited by 39 per cent.

Bill Richards, Indeed’s UK managing director, said: “Our study shows a real generational difference in what makes us happy in our jobs, and it takes the average person some time to find it.”

When it comes to defining job satisfaction, Generation Z – the generation born after 1995 – seem more concerned with social conscience than huge pay packets.

By contrast 49 per cent of millennials measured success by having a higher salary than their friends, compared to just 34 per cent of 18-24 year olds.

Indeed’s study found that the average employee spent 29 days a year ruminating on work setbacks, a sign of low job satisfaction.

“By 45, most people have been through both successes and setbacks at work, be that scoring a promotion, facing a challenging team or a redundancy, and have often spent time in different roles or even careers, ” Richards explained.

“We learn from these experiences, so have a clearer idea of what it is we want from a role – whether it’s salary-focused, flexible hours or social purpose – we know what will make us happy and have built up the confidence to get ourselves there, even if that means taking a few risks along the way.” 

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The research comes in contrast to a major study this week that found that unhappiness peaks at 47.2 years old.

The US National Bureau of Economic Research report found that work and family anxieties peak until your mid-40s after which those pressures begin to lessen.

Indeed has launched a new podcast, Some You Win, to explore setbacks at work, moving jobs and career changes.