Tuesday 21 June 2016 9:02 am

Brexit is no game for children as 71 per cent back Remain

EU referendum polls out today are far from conclusive. While ORB and the National Centre for Social Research give Remain the lead, a YouGov poll has Brexit ahead by two points. 

But if the vote was held across the UK's schools, the Brexit campaign would be struggling, a new poll suggests. 

Some 71 per cent of more than 6,500 seven to 14-year-olds backed Remain in an online poll conducted by children's newspaper First News.

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One First News reader commented: “If we leave we are more prone to terrorist attacks and WW3 could have a chance of breaking out.”

Another said: “If we leave it will have a negative impact [on our] future and the generations to come.”

On the First News website, 11-year-old Ethan wrote: “Stay. Because brexit scaremonger and brexit say there would be more money for the NHS but there would be no staff.”

Separately, a TES poll of 751 UK school teachers earlier this month found 70 per cent were backing Remain.

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First News editor Nicky Cox said: “Children are 27 per cent of the population but 100 per cent of the future.

“They will have to live with the result of this EU referendum so they needed a chance to make their voices heard.

“I pledged to cast my vote in line with the will of our youngest generation so I will now be voting to stay in the European Union, giving children at least one vote this Thursday.”