Tuesday 10 December 2019 3:50 pm

General Election: Boris Johnson breaks Brexit 'gridlock' in JCB digger

As Thursday’s General Election nears, Boris Johnson has been driving home his Brexit message – by driving a JCB into a wall.

In a visit to a factory in Stafford, the Conservative leader drove one of the vehicles, which was specially branded with Union Jacks, through a white polystyrene wall with “gridlock” written on it.

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The digger’s bucket read “Get Brexit Done”, which has been Johnson’s go-to soundbite on this year’s campaign trail.

If the Tories win enough seats on Thursday to command a majority in Parliament, it will clear the way for Johnson to push through his Brexit deal.

Last week the Prime Minister said that with a majority he would get Brexit done by the end of January.

On Sunday Johnson denied claims from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that there would be new customs checks on goods passing between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Four different polls released over the weekend showed that the Conservatives are currently leading Labour by eight to 15 points.

It’s not the first time Johnson has appeared at JCB’s Staffordshire headquarters.

In January he made a speech in which he warned that politicians risked losing the electorate’s trust if they were to delay Brexit by extending Article 50 beyond 29 March.

The company’s billionaire founder, Conservative peer Lord Anthony Bamford, contributed to Johnson’s Tory leadership bid.

The stunt is the latest in a number of gimmicks that the Conservatives have deployed as the election draws to a climax.

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Last night a video was released which showed the Prime Minister recreating the famous doorstep scene from Christmas classic film ‘Love Actually’.

In the video, Johnson urges voters to back him, saying that “your vote has never been more important” as he attempts to end the ongoing disruption in parliament.