Friday 20 August 2021 8:49 am

Azeem Rafiq: Former England Under-19 cricket captain slams Yorkshire for only admitting to 'inappropriate behaviour' after racism probe

Former England Under-19 captain Azeem Rafiq has strongly criticised Yorkshire County Cricket Club’s response to the findings of an investigation into allegations of institutional racism.

The independent probe upheld several of Rafiq’s claims, Yorkshire admitted yesterday after being called on by the player and England cricket chiefs to reveal the report’s findings.

Yorkshire apologised to Rafiq, now 29 and no longer playing, but inflamed the situation further by referring to his treatment as “inappropriate behaviour” of a “historical” nature.

“To try and say that these are historical things, yes there are things that are 10 years ago but most of my allegations relate to people that are still there in leadership positions,” he said.

“It’s like saying ‘we’re going to punch you, knock you down and then pick you back up’. To be honest I’m absolutely sick and tired.

“I’m sick and tired of giving these people, the game, Yorkshire Cricket Club, the ECB [England], everyone, an opportunity to the detriment of myself.

“The damage that this last 12 months has caused me, I don’t know when I will actually know that.”

Yorkshire are yet publish the details of the investigation, which was carried out by a law firm, so it is not known which allegations were upheld.

“We note with concern that the independent panel concluded that several of the allegations made by Azeem were upheld and that he was the victim of inappropriate behaviour,” said the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket.

“We await a copy of the report but recognise both the pain and the distress of participating in an investigation into these matters.

“It is critical that Azeem, and others who gave evidence, receive appropriate support and we are seeking assurances that this is the case.”