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Women in Banking & Finance are recruiting a new President

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Women in Banking & Finance are now recruiting for a new President.


Women in Banking and Finance Limited (“WIBF”) is a not for profit company (registered with company number 10982879) whose registered office is 80-83 Long Lane, London EC1A 9ET. WIBF was founded in 1980 in the UK and Ireland and is staffed primarily by voluntary Executive and Management Committees, with branches in Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, and Manchester. WIBF institutional members include global financial services companies, major banks and firms servicing the industry.


A financial services sector, which offers women equal opportunities as employees, customers and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and to contribute to building better businesses and places to work for all.


Our mission is to bring a gender lens to UK financial services by connecting, challenging and inspiring our network to unlock the full potential of financial services for all.


We connect our members to a wide network of thought-leaders, business leaders and women at all stages of their careers.

We challenge the industry to adopt new ideas and address structural barriers.

We inspire our wider community to believe in change.

Through our five core initiatives: Communities & Networking, Mentoring & Development, Thought Leadership, WIBF Jobs and Awards for Achievement


Our core values have remained key to our success for nearly 40 years. We are volunteer-led, independent, inspiring and action-oriented.


This role is for a member of Women in Banking & Finance Limited as part of the Executive Board, Management Board and Advisory Board. For key responsibilities, please refer to the relevant section below. As an Executive Board, Management Board and Advisory Board Member, the main duties as President are to Chair the Boards as well as the AGM, engage with the Patrons, and to lead the WIBF organization in accordance with its Mission Statement.  You will demonstrate fairness, honesty and respect by conducting WIBF’s business to high ethical standards with integrity and in good faith.


To lead the WIBF network as President, to be the face and voice of WIBF and its individual and institutional members, connecting, challenging and inspiring each of them to be gender role models and champions for gender equality of opportunity in the financial services sector.  We believe that gender is a business issue, not a women’s issue.  


  • CEO of Women in Banking & Finance Limited (company limited by guarantee) – statutory obligations as part of the Executive Board (which includes CFO and Head of Governance)
  • Attract, retain and manage members of the Management Board
  • Attract and engage with the Patrons and the Advisory Board
  • Set and lead the strategic direction of WIBF
  • Agree the budget and overall responsibility for financial accountability
  • Host and speak at the Annual Awards for Achievement and Shortlist dinner 
  • Speaking on behalf of WIBF and as a SME at conferences and events and with the press. 
  • Overall responsibility for the effective functioning of the five strategic areas of focus (1. WIBF Jobs 2. Awards for Achievement 3. Mentoring & Development 4. Communities & Networking and 5. Thought Leadership) together with Membership, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Governance, Branches and Strategy
  • Must be well connected and willing and able to develop a broad and effective network across government, academia, consultancy, public and private sector to advance the aims of WIBF
  • Actively develop, communicate, support and advocate for the WIBF network and brand


  • Collaborative and inclusive leadership essential for an organisation which operates by volunteers, with a handful of contractors to assist with the day to day operational aspects
  • Strategic and innovative thinker – there are an increasing number of gender focussed networks and organisations out there and it is essential that WIBF is able to differentiate itself and meet the needs of members
  • Enthusiasm is not enough – must be up to speed on the latest D&I thinking and initiatives and lead from the head as well as the heart to be an effective and credible leader for equality of gender opportunity
  • Excellent communication and management skills
  • Capable and effective public speaker
  • Must be able to develop a strategy, devise an action plan and execute while working with multiple volunteers of varying degrees of ability and enthusiasm
  • A people person who is able to engage with individual and institutional members from entry level members to CEO’s, government officials and other senior leaders
  • As a volunteer led organisation, it is essential that the President is able to “bring everyone with” on the same journey – to inspire and lead with confidence and credibility
  • Able to manage “in” and “out” both volunteers and members where necessary
  • This is a role for a “doer” rather than a “thinker” or “talker”
  • Must be adaptable and flexible to be able to assess opportunities and challenges as they arise, and to address them in a timely and effective way


  • Must be able to host and attend meetings both during the day and evenings
  • The time commitment is 5-12 hours on average per week of calls, meetings and events. In addition, 2-5 hours per week for preparation and administration i.e. monthly newsletter message, recruitment, admin.  This time commitment is higher in the lead up to significant events like conferences, Awards, Strategy Day, AGM, etc
  • Must be able to be flexible to respond to urgent issues such as press interviews and quotes
  • Ideally the candidate would work for one of the member firms of WIBF, and should be a current member familiar with what WIBF is about


The directors must hold at least four meetings each year (usually on the same day as Executive Board meetings), at least one of which must be in person. You will be a statutory director of WIBF and must comply at all times with the obligations set out under the Companies Act 2006. Please refer to the attached note on Director Duties.


The President will be an individual member of WIBF and operate in accordance with the Terms of Reference (as adopted by WIBF from time to time). Advisory Board meetings are held four times per year and Management Board meetings are held monthly. There is an expectation on directors to attend all Management Board and Advisory Board meetings to fulfil the requirements of the role. This is a voluntary role and service on the Management and Advisory Boards is without remuneration except for administrative support, travel and accommodation costs in relation to director duties (refer to expenses policy for further guidelines). There is no set number of hours that directors will contribute to WIBF, there is, however, an expectation that individual directors will commit sufficient time to ensure they meet any commitments they have agreed to as part of their agreed role. Director will hold the position for three years in the first instance, with the opportunity to be re-elected by the Management Board for a further term thereafter. 


Majority of the meetings and events for President role are based in London. There will also be an expectation to travel to branches around the UK.


The WIBF Executive Board will annually review the job description and any recommended changes will be presented to the relevant Board for approval.

For more information download our President candidate information pack

Visit jobs.wibf.org.uk to find out more about the role!

Email us at: operations@wibf.org.uk