Tuesday 6 December 2016 7:44 pm

These are the countries that will thrive in the post-Trump, post-Brexit era according to the new Indigo Index

The UK is the fifth-best equipped country to thrive in the post-Trump, post-Brexit era, according to a new global ranking of states’ “entrepreneurial eco-systems” and future potential.

Sweden comes top in the Indigo Index rankings, which measures 152 countries by five key metrics for doing business as economies move away from being powered by natural resources to “creativity and digital skills”.

The five metrics are: creativity and innovation, economic diversity, digital economy, freedom and legal frameworks.

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Switzerland, Finland and Denmark come second, third and fourth respectively in the new index, which is being published as part of a new journal titled Global Perspectives.

The UK comes third in economic diversity, but lags in creativity, coming 12th and freedom, coming 14th.

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Stuart Bruseth, series director of Global Perpectives, said:

In this new economic era, we believe the main source of a nation’s wealth is not the resource rent but the social infrastructure that allows every person to realise his or her intellectual and creative potential.

In order to gauge a country’s potential ability to compete and grow in this new era, we believe it is important to look at broader socio–economic factors such as education, digital infrastructure, the legal system and IP rights, for example, hence we have created a new ‘Indigo Index’.

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The countries most likely to thrive in a creative, digitally-focused 21st century (spoiler: Scandinavia is doing really well)

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