Wednesday 6 October 2021 5:03 pm

NFT platform Sorare announces partnership with Germany's Bundesliga

Sorare, the company behind an NFT-based fantasy football game, has become an official partner of the top two divisions of Germany’s football league.

The Bundesliga announced today that digital images of its players will be turned into tradable football cards which can be used to build a fantasy team on the SoRare platform – each card is an NFT meaning that it is unique and ownership is verifiable on a blockchain.

The partnership will also bring the NFT “moments” to the game for the first time, with collectable video clips from Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 matches due to arrive on the platform in 2022.

“We are very happy to be partnering with such a dynamic and exciting company,” said Robert Klein, the CEO of Bundesliga International.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Bundesliga fans in Germany and around the world and introduce them the special football connection that Sorare has unlocked through the magic of NFTs and Global Fantasy Football,” said Sorare in a statement.

The partnership brings Sorare a step closer to partnering with the biggest 20 football leagues worldwide. Following its partnership with Spain’s La Liga on September 9 Sorare now has deals with two of the top five football leagues, which the company estimates have more than 3.5bn fans between them.

Momentum behind the company has swelled in recent months with Sorare raising $680m in a series B funding round in September.

While there’s clearly plenty of hype around a product at the intersection of NFTs and sports not everyone is sold on the concept. Max Heinemeyer, Director of Threat Hunting at Darktrace, said that security remains a major concern.

“While NFTs are easy to purchase, they are notoriously complex to secure,” said Heinmeyer. “Individual investors may not understand the risk or how to secure NFT football cards properly, which is something cyber criminals will take advantage of.”

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