Tuesday 27 August 2019 2:41 pm

Natwest and RBS websites crash: Customers struggle to access online banking after outage

Natwest and RBS banks have still not recovered from major technical issues that have knocked over their websites today.

The websites crashed at around 9am and have still not recovered, prompting a deluge of customer complaints on Twitter as people struggled to access their bank accounts.

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The banks told customers that their mobile apps and online banking were still working.

One Natwest customer who had resorted to using the mobile app to transfer money complained that no money was showing up.

“It’s like the money is disappearing,” Lauren Bramley said on Twitter.

The banks also advised users to clear their website histories and visit nwolb.com and rbsdigital.com.

But people continued to report problems, with Downdetector.co.uk recording more than 1,000 bug reports.

“Our website is still unavailable and we’re working hard to fix it,” Natwest and RBS said this afternoon.

“You can use Online Banking or our mobile app. Sorry if this is causing you problems – we’ll update you when we have more information.”


One RBS customer, Linsay MacLean, simply told the bank: “I don’t want to have to use your mobile app!”

Another, Mark Buchner, complained: “I cannot log into RBS online banking (business) – site can’t be reached. Tried several different computers, different browsers.  Mobile app was very slow but seems to be working.”

Responding to customers reporting errors on Twitter, Natwest said: “We’re aware of some issues with our website and are working hard to fix them.”

One Natwest customer wrote on Twitter: “Clearly you have big problems today but I see no announcement to your business customers informing them.  Even when I can get onto the system I can’t move MY MONEY Really sick of your constant problems.”

Another, Andrew Rayner, added: “Not good NatWest. Been trying to access online banking for ages. Poor service yet again.”

Natwest redirected aggrieved customers to nwolb.com to attempt to login there instead.

The bank’s mobile app was still working this morning, appearing to be unaffected by the issues plaguing people trying to reach the online banking site.

Natwest told another customer struggling to access their online banking that “we don’t have an exact timescale I’m afraid”.

On Twitter, RBS wrote: “We are aware there is currently an issue with the online banking service and our team are looking to have this fixed as soon as possible.”

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One customer, David, tweeted: “Can’t login using iPhone browser. Next button on the login screen doesn’t work!! Problems since introducing 2 factor authentication! Shambles.

“Also, when using online browser on PC pages stop loading and Bad Gateway message appears. Time to move I think.”