Wednesday 15 May 2019 11:36 am

MPs in eurosceptic ERG faction ‘will vote against’ May’s Brexit deal in June

The majority of MPs in anti-EU Tory faction the European Research Group (ERG) will vote against Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal when it is presented to parliament next month, a minister has said.

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Conservative MP Owen Paterson, who was environment secretary in David Cameron’s coalition government, said May’s deal would leave Britain following EU laws.

He also said the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which props up the Tory government, is concerned the deal will align Northern Ireland more closely with the EU than with the rest of the UK.

“Sadly, we will vote against it again, as the DUP put out a statement, because it doesn’t change the essential nature of the withdrawal agreement, which is unacceptable we will have laws imposed on us by 27 different countries where we are not involved,” Paterson told the BBC.

“And very importantly for the DUP and us it potentially breaks up the United Kingdom by creating a new entity called UK and that means you could end with Scotland wanting to follow – and that is really dangerous for the union.”

Yesterday it emerged Theresa May will attempt to force her Brexit deal through parliament for the fourth time of asking next month – despite not yet reaching an agreement with Labour.

The announcement came after May met Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for an hour on Tuesday evening as part of the ongoing talks between the frontbenches to find a way through the Brexit stalemate.

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Corbyn made it clear he would not be backing May in June unless the government could guarantee any agreement reached between the parties would not be torn up by a future Conservative leader.