News and opinion about Brexit and the UK’s relationship with and withdrawal from the European Union (EU).

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European Hauliers Refusing UK Consignments Due To Brexit Red Tape

The free trade deal signed by the UK and the EU was supposed to herald a new dawn in the

January 23, 2021
Heathrow Airport will today begin its Supreme Court appeal over the decision to block the building of a third runway

Many retailers received a welcome boost during the Covid-19 crisis with a rise in online orders from international markets, but

January 23, 2021
Kenya Open - Previews

Divorce is painful, and Brexit was as acrimonious a separation as they come. Anglo-European relations will recover in time, but

January 22, 2021

One in five of adults in the UK could not support their household for one month if they lost their

January 22, 2021
Fishing Rights Remain Sticking Point In EU-UK Brexit Talks

Britain’s fish and seafood exporters who have faced post-Brexit disruption at the border will be able to claim a maximum

January 21, 2021
The UK’s chicken farmers have become the latest food suppliers to slam the government over new Brexit border rules, which are causing enormous disruption to supply chains.

The UK’s chicken farmers have become the latest food suppliers to slam the government over new Brexit border rules, which

January 19, 2021
A number of lorries carrying shellfish have parked in the roads around Downing Street today in protest at challenges in getting produce into the EU due to changes of customs rules after Brexit.

Boris Johnson has said that the fishing industry would be compensated for any problems caused by new post Brexit customs

January 19, 2021
Wahl-O-Mat Voting Indicator Launched For EU Elections

EU politicians pushing for 'masterplan' to steal banking jobs from London and promote euro in global trade

January 18, 2021
Boris Johnson has said that the UK will  lead the world in the world in the transition to a net zero economy, saying that climate action cannot be "another victim of coronavirus".

Boris Johnson will hold talks with business leaders today about cutting red tape, as ministers draw up plans to turn

January 18, 2021
Frankfurt Financial District

Now that the UK and European Union have started a new chapter, the next few months will be critical when

January 18, 2021
Violent Protests Erupt At UC Berkeley Against Speech By Breitbart Writer

A weekly column from City A.M. bringing you all the biggest stories and trends in technology, media and telecoms This

January 15, 2021
central london office

The government has rejected a report that it plans to tear up EU employment protections, which include the 48-hour working

January 15, 2021

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