Impact A.M. Awards

The inaugural Impact AM ESG Awards, a celebration of the remarkable strides in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) landscape. Just as the City A.M. Awards hailed resilience, innovation, and adaptability, our awards recognize those forging a path to a sustainable future. In a world awash with greenwashing and confusion, we're honoring authentic changemakers. With categories ranging from Start-Up of the Year to ESG Industry Leader of the Year, we're spotlighting diverse contributions. Join us as we gather ESG’s foremost thinkers to address challenges and pave the way for meaningful solutions. The ESG agenda is at a crossroads, and together, we'll navigate it toward genuine progress

Are you an ESG changemaker? Are you keen to position your brand amidst the UK’s crème de la crème? The clock’s ticking towards the 12th of December, an evening dedicated to recognising the most genuine and impactful ESG movers and shakers across the UK. As nominations open, it’s time to amplify your devotion to Environmental, Social & Governance. Remember, the curtain falls on entries come the 25th of November. Before embarking on this exciting journey, acquaint yourself with our precise submission criteria to tailor your nomination to perfection.

Meet Dr Jane Thomason Head Judge

We at Impact AM are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the inimitable Dr Jane Thomason as our Head Judge. Her illustrious experience in ESG has been instrumental in refining our award categories, ensuring they resonate with true industry standards and are devoid of any superficiality. Jane’s insights, paired with our diverse panel of experts, promise an awards ceremony that’s transparent, genuine, and a true reflection of ESG excellence in the UK.

The clock is ticking, talk is cheap and greenwashing is unacceptable.

So, ask yourself,

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