Tuesday 28 June 2016 7:19 pm

FA must hire an Englishman who believes in a style of play, has credibility and can handle the job – and my choice would be Glenn Hoddle

It's hard not to think that Roy Hodgson paid the price for trying to be too clever with his tactics at Euro 2016, for flitting between 4-3-3 and a diamond formation when he didn’t have the right players.

What the Football Association must look for as it begins the process of searching for Hodgson’s successor is a man who believes in a style and sticks to it, with the odd adjustment.

It shouldn’t look to hire an FA man, such as Under-21 coach Gareth Southgate. England need someone with credibility, and for me that man would be Glenn Hoddle.

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Glenn has managed big clubs, he was successful – to a point – with England last time around, and he is English – something that I’m a great believer is important to the job.

I played alongside him, and I know he is a clever football person, a good thinker who is confident about his ideas. In many ways he was ideal for England before he lost his job for saying some silly things.

I wouldn’t worry about re-appointing a manager who had done the job before; some other countries are quite fond of giving coaches a few tries and besides, we don’t have a wide array of options.

The fact that he hasn’t managed since leaving Wolves 10 years ago is a slight concern, but on the other hand it could mean he returns refreshed. He may have just been waiting for the right role.

It might all be too simple for some people. After all, I’ve heard Eddie Howe’s name suggested, which I can’t understand. England need someone who can handle the position, and Glenn can.

Let Southgate carry on with the Under-21s for a few more years. He can continue to learn and to build at that level.

My choice would be to hire Glenn, with Alan Shearer working alongside him, just as Gary Neville did with Hodgson.

Either way, the FA needs to act fast to get a new man bedded in because World Cup qualifiers, which start in September, will come around quickly.

England players feel fear factor

The 2-1 defeat to Iceland that ended Hodgson’s tenure was as bad as I have ever seen the England team play in my life.

The players looked scared to death. That I have never seen to that extent, and it left me questioning their mentality.

It was a surprise because I thought England had been all right in the three group games, but if anything a little over-confident.

Against Iceland everyone just looked exhausted. England were weak and second to every ball. It was a complete disaster.

Fear of failure is massive in the England set-up. Those lads will remember that game long after they’re retired and for the rest of their lives – when you play for the team you’re all too aware that’s the case.