Tuesday 2 June 2015 11:15 am

Bargains galore: Ukip's summer sale is now on

Roll up, roll up, it's the Ukip summer sale, and there are just a handful of bargains left for the discerning kipper… 
Nigel Farage may have got the backing of some big-name donors in the run up to the General Election, but that isn't stopping the purple party looking to make a bit of cash on the side with its Ukip shop. 
And what else would cheer you up after losing a seat you fought so hard to win than a Ukip-themed gift?
The party's pound logo features heavily in the items on sale, but if you're in the market for a navy and royal blue polyester tie (and the same in burgundy and red, or for the more colour-confident, red and navy) you can pick one up for just £3, down from the original £10. 

A bargain at just £3 (Source: store.ukip.org)

What about something for the ladies? The Ukip shop suggests you might like to “complement your outfit with this delicate white chiffon scarf tastefully featuring the Ukip logo in gentle lilac”. 

How is that "gentle" lilac working for you? (Source: store.ukip.org)

And, Ukip's 20th anniversary may have been two years ago (it seems like yesterday) but you can still pick up some commemorative items such as a mug for £3 (originally £10), a pin badge for £1, down from £2, or a Ukip postpeg for £1.50, which the shop describes as “a simple but effective device for delivering leaflets and cards through letterboxes without risking fingers! As used by the Royal Mail”. 
As used by the Royal Mail. Apparently (Source: store.ukip.org)

There's no word on where any of these must-have items were made. 
And for any budding political leaders out there who didn't quite make the grade on May 7, the book “101 ways to win an Election” is now going for £5 – down from the original £12. Plenty of time to get reading before General Election 2020, Nige…