Wednesday 5 August 2015 7:38 am

August 2015 Tfl Tube strike: Travel advice on DLR, trains, buses, which apps to use and which routes to avoid: This is your survival kit

Bad news for those who work in London: This week's Tube strike is going ahead
Unions yesterday rejected the new pay deal, saying it still didn't go far enough. This morning transport union RMT went even further and said the entire Night Tube “vanity project” should be disbanded.
But assuming TfL and Boris Johnson will stick to their guns – and given the economic arguments it's hard to imagine they'll back down – we've put together a strike survival kit. 
Although the Tube will be down, the rest of TfL will be going into overdrive. This is a general view of alternative transport for the strike.  

And of course, you might want to cheat the system. Here's how to do that.
Feeling yourself getting stressed despite all this help? Here's some free stuff to get you smiling again.