TAKING the City’s love of yachts to the next level, online foreign exchange trading services group Alpari has set sail with a global boating competition, the newly-named Alpari World Match Racing Tour.

Co-captains Jim O’Toole, chief executive of the tournament, and David Stuart, chief operating officer of Alpari, announced the partnership yesterday alongside a bespoke 3D street art depiction of two sailing yachts racing for the finish line.

Stuart said while riding the chalky waves: “The tour appeals to an international audience and specifically to people who are ambitious and self-motivated. These are essential attributes of successful traders.”

The multi-million dollar partnership expresses Alpari’s plans for global expansion, and anchors will aweigh in Germany on 23 May. The tour will then make its way around South Korea, Sweden, Chicago, Portugal, Switzerland, France and Bermuda, closing the yachting year in Malaysia this December.

British boaters Ben Ainslie, the Olympic gold medallist, and Ian Williams won the $1.75m prize pot in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

The contract names Alpari as the tournament’s sponsor for the next five years – so we hope it’s plain sailing from here.