Wednesday 19 February 2020 11:41 am

Vegans must have their own shelf in the office fridge, says new guidance

Vegans deserve their own shelf in the office fridge, according to new guidelines issued to businesses.

Fridge space is a precious commodity in the workplace, but it could be about to get more crowded after the Vegan Society shares its new advice with firms.

Vegan menus should be made available at work events while employers should offer vegan-friendly versions of required clothing for staff who want it, the guidelines say. That might include synthetic safety boots or non-leather phone cases.

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Staff should also be able to excuse themselves from corporate events like horse racing and barbecues if they are vegan, the society said.

“Fostering a general attitude of respect towards vegan employees is key,” the charity’s guidelines say.

“If ‘jokes’ made about an employee’s veganism become burdensome, steps should be made to improve this.”

Offices should also provide colour-coded kitchen utensils and offer a separate part of the kitchen for vegans to prepare food

“Supporting vegan employees to discuss their pension investment options with a relevant member of staff” is another guideline.

The charity added: “All senior staff, managers and team leaders should understand that they are under a duty to treat vegans with respect, have due regard for their needs in the workplace and be able to understand how to deal appropriately with requests or complaints from vegans.

“They should also be able and confident to deal fairly with inappropriate behaviour against vegan employees.”

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The guidance comes amid a rise in popularity of veganism. 

Vegan products, like Gregg’s wildly popular vegan sausage roll, comprised a quarter of food launches last year. 

A UK property firm has also instituted a policy whereby staff can only expense meat-free meals.