Sunday 29 December 2019 9:21 am

Tony Blair's organisation bid for EU money while he was campaigning against Brexit

Tony Blair’s organisation was competing for contracts from the EU while simultaneously campaigning for a second Brexit referendum, it has been revealed.

Documents, newly revealed by The Telegraph reveal that the non-profit Tony Blair Institute (TBI) was talking to officials about securing further funding from the European Commission.

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One of the officials involved in the talks, Ana Gallo-Alvarez, previously acted as a deputy head of mission for Blair’s middle east envoy.

Emails exchanged between TBI and Gallo-Alvarez show that the institute was considering setting up in another EU country to not be cut off from the bloc’s £26bn development budget.

People from the organisation also reportedly spoke about Blair’s access to foreign leaders and organisations.

Talks between the TBI and the EU were happening while Blair actively campaigned for a second Brexit referendum.

Responding to the claims, a spokesperson for the institute said it was “perfectly entitled to seek EU funding for work relevant to EU funding streams”.

They added: “As a matter of fact we have not yet ­submitted a formal application so no funding has been received.”

Blair founded Tony Blair Associates after leaving Number 10 in 2007 to offer political consultancy to foreign governments and organisations.

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The organisation was wound up in 2016 and was replaced by TBI.

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