Monday 25 January 2021 4:11 pm

Stay on the fitness train with our weekly workout

Fitness studio Core Collective’s head trainer Joe Corrie has programmed this super sweaty, explosive HIIT workout, which is guaranteed to kickstart your metabolism and set you up for the week. It’s fast and challenging, but it’ll be over before you know it. Invest 25 minutes of your day – you won’t regret it. 

Before starting this workout make sure you’ve run through a sound mobility flow (why not try Paddy’s from last week) to warm up, as we’ll be getting straight into the action.

Part A is an EMOM (Every minute on the minute), meaning you start a movement on every minute mark. 

You will make your way through the below four separate movements, working for 40 seconds and resting for 20 seconds, before starting back at the top. You’ll complete four rounds in total, meaning 16 minutes of work. 

I want you to focus on good quality movements, hitting your full range of motion on each. Make sure to properly sit into your squats and lunges for maximum effect. Stay strict to the three seconds lowering phase on the push ups to really challenge the upper body (enjoy these as the other three movements had me searching for my legs afterwards!).

Part A – 16 minutes EMOM. 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest, four rounds

  • Loaded beast + Kick Through* (not sure what this is? See how to do it at the bottom of the workout)
  • Tempo Push Ups (3 seconds lowering phase)
  • Jump Lunges
  • Drop Squats

For Part B, we are decreasing the work period and increasing the rest period. Don’t be lured into a false sense of security…

All this means is that, when we work, I really want you to pick up the intensity, knowing you’re not going to be there for long and have a reasonable rest coming up. 

We’re going to work flat out for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds, alternating between two separate movements. 

Over 8 intervals you will complete 4 sets of each movement. So: 30 seconds of max chest-to-floor Down Ups, 30 seconds rest, 30 seconds max Squat Jumps, 30 seconds rest, that’s one round down, three to go… time to empty the tank.

Part B – 8 mininutes. 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest, eight rounds

CTF Down Ups (burpees without a jump at the top).

Squat Jumps


* How to perform the Loaded Beast to Kick Through:

• Kneel on the ground with heels underneath hips. Your knees
should be slightly flared open, and arms extended in front of you with elbows straight (similar to a child’s pose).
• Let your head fall between your arms, and lift your knees an inch off the
• Keeping your elbows completely straight and your knees an inch from the
ground, begin to shift your hips forward. Continue to push forward by
extending your legs until your shoulders are in front of your wrists.
• At this moment step forward with one leg, placing your foot just outside of the same hand.
• Slowly bring your opposite leg through, releasing your hand next to the front foot at the same time, kicking the leg so it is straight out in front of you.
• Hold this position for a split second keeping your core tight and supporting arm straight.
• Then bring your leg back under, place the released hand down before
sending your hips back into your loaded beast and repeating on the opposite side.