Monday 8 February 2021 4:40 pm

Spirited away: The Brits making their own brand of tequila

Two Englishmen have founded one of the first British tequila brands, creating their own line of super-premium, 100% agave spirit.

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VIVIR is distilled in collaboration with the multi-award-winning Casa Maestri, using natural volcanic spring water and traditional production processes.

“I worked for a food company and brought Bircher muesli to the UK,” says co-founder Paul Hayes. “Because of an allergy, the only sweetener I can use in my muesli was agave syrup. This led me to build up some pretty useful contact in the agave world…”

VIVIR produces three expressions, Blanco, Reposado and Añejo. Co-founder Nav Grewal says the secret to creating great tequila is to eliminate the unknown and to know your agave. “The agave is estate-grown by one distillery which means we know the pH in the soil and the jimador who farmed it. 

“The key is getting across the heritage and craft that goes into making it. It’s not just a shooter you do with salt and lime. Tequila and tonic is an easy way to get people into British tequila.”

VIVIR joins London-based brand Tequila Enemigo as British brands bringing the taste of Mexico closer to home.