Friday 11 September 2020 10:50 am WIBF Talk

Seeking Mentors for the WIBF Mentoring Programme

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At WIBF we understand the power of investing in your development but appreciate many of us have limited time resource. We want to make it easy for you. Within the coming months we will be launching our brand-new Mentoring & Development programme open to all our members and connecting them to some of the most talented people within the Financial Services industry.

Mentoring is the transfer of advice, knowledge, and insights. The relationship offers reciprocal benefits for mentors willing to invest their time in developing another professional. As well as the personal satisfaction of sharing their skills and experience with a willing learner, being involved in mentoring also provides some tangible benefits that can reward mentors professionally.

Research shows that being mentored is one of the most valuable and effective development opportunities. Having the guidance, encouragement and support of a trusted and experienced mentor can provide a mentee with a broad range of personal and professional benefits, which ultimately lead to improved performance in the workplace.

Nolly Maseko, a WIBF Mentee in 2019 said, “My mentor has held me accountable for meeting my short-term professional goals and provided me with guidance on the correct course to take in order to increase my expertise” 

Mentors do not have to be a member of WIBF to become a mentor and we will be signing up mentors in the next few weeks to join our newly relaunched programme. 

Some key benefits for mentors include:

  • Recognition as a subject matter expert and leader
  • Exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches
  • Extension of your professional development record
  • Opportunity to reflect on your own goals and practices
  • Development of your personal leadership and coaching styles

Our mentoring programme will have a monthly intake and lasts for 6-months so you need to commit for at least one six-month period. You will be asked to spend around one hour a month with your mentee and whether the relationship continues after this period is up to your and your mentee. 

To support you, WIBF will provide you with a mentoring booklet which will help you structure your meetings, or if you wish, you might have your own tried and tested methods. 

I have always considered it really important to make sure that I’m helping other women up the career ladder behind me and mentoring is something I’ve enjoyed and found hugely rewarding. My experience is that is very much a two-way process, with me learning from a mentee, getting an insight into their world and benefiting from their experience as much as they do from mine. I would encourage anyone to be a mentor.

Vicky Zuiderent, WIBF Mentor, 2019

How it works

You will be asked to complete a short survey when you sign up to find out where you feel you can add the most benefit. WIBF will match up mentee and mentors and mentors will be introduced to their mentee via an email introduction, from there, it is the responsibility of the mentee to drive the relationship. 

Running alongside our mentoring programme WIBF has a structured Personal Excellent Programme (PEP) which focuses on development topics for our members.

If you would join our long list of talented mentors, or to have a conversation, please email WIBF Mentoring and Development Director Sally McFall at