Wednesday 4 December 2019 12:01 am

Revealed: London's best and worst streets for broadband speeds

Many Londoners will be hoping to escape from the cold and settle in to stream their favourite movies and TV shows this Christmas.

But as many will know, festive film fun can easily be frustrated when broadband speeds aren’t up to scratch.

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Now Londoners can check just how good – or bad – their internet connection really is, with a new league table that ranks the best and worst streets in the capital.

The data, compiled by price comparison site uSwitch, reveal a stark contrast between different parts of London, with average speeds in some areas more than 100 times slower than in others.

At the bottom of the pile is Inner Park Road next to leafy Wimbledon Common, which struggles along at a snailish average pace of 1.99 megabits per second (Mbps).

Long-suffering internet surfers in Bexleyheath, Upminster and Uxbridge were also at the bottom of the table.

London’s slowest streets

Street Name and LocationAverage download speed (Mbps)Superfast broadband available?
1Inner Park Road, London1.99Yes
2Brindley Close, Bexleyheath2.22No
3Park Drive, Upminster2.49To some
4Church Hill Road, Barnet2.65 Yes  
5Northwood Road, Harefield, Uxbridge3.29No

By contrast, streaming fans in Chestnut Grove, New Malden enjoy a lightning-fast 134.34 Mbps, meaning they’ll be unlikely to suffering from buffering over Christmas.

Woodford Green and East Ham boast the second and third-fastest streets respectively.

London’s fastest streets

RankStreet Name and LocationAverage download speed (Mbps)
1Chestnut Grove, New Malden134.34
2Mallards Road, Woodford Green110.17
3Central Park Road, London86.22
4High Street, Barnet64.19
5Burns Avenue, Chadwell Heath, Romford62.48

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“Our research reveals the digital divide running through Britain,” said Dani Warner, broadband expert at uSwitch.

“Residents living on one side of a city can be struggling with broadband as slow as molasses, while people just miles away are enjoying ultrafast speeds.”