Monday 4 March 2019 10:36 am

New 5G app gives smartphone users insight into lives of connected cows

Tech nerds and bovine enthusiasts will now be granted an insight into the everyday life of cows thanks to a new app that connects cattle to 5G.

The smartphone app, called Me + Moo, allows users to select their own connected cow and receive daily updates beamed via 5G sensors on the farm.

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5G Rural First, the group behind the project, said users can milk the benefits of 5G connectivity to gain updates on everything from how the cows are eating to their sleeping habits.

Each cow is given its own profile – similar to those found on dating apps – which shows its name and gives an insight into its personality.

Users are also encouraged to raise the steaks by joining together with friends to build their own virtual herd.

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The app, which forms part of 5G Rural First’s efforts to promote the potential of 5G in rural locations, shows how connected collars can monitor the movements, health and milk production of the cows.

The app is just one example of the use of 5G infrastructure in the internet of things (IoT), where everyday items can be beefed up and linked through network connections.