Tuesday 6 April 2021 12:02 pm

Mayor of London election: Sadiq Khan pledges to name London Overground lines

Sadiq Khan has pledged to give individual names to London Overground train lines if re-elected as mayor of London next month.

Khan’s manifesto, released today, said the “London Overground network has grown considerably over recent years” and that “to reflect this I’ll launch a programme to name individual routes, giving each its own identity”.

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The London Overground now has 112 stations over six different lines, however none of the lines are named like on the London Underground.

The policy announcement will see a programme launched by Khan to choose names for the six lines, if he wins re-election on 6 May, however no details were given on what the criteria will be.

The mayor also announced his commitment to reduce Transport for London’s (TfL) debt pile, which was around £12bn before the impact of Covid-19.

Since the coronavirus hit, TfL has been forced to rely on government funding to stay afloat thanks to plummeting levels of passengers.

Khan’s manifesto said: “As part of achieving long-term financial sustainability, I’ll ensure TfL continues to be lean and efficient, minimising expenditure on consultants and agency workers, which we have reduced by 72 per cent in my first term, and considering insourcing when it can be proven to deliver better services and financial benefits — as with the Woolwich Ferry.”

The mayor said he would also continue to lobby for a long-term funding settlement for TfL if he is re-elected.

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TfL’s funding model relies principally on fare revenues, which Khan says will not recover for the foreseeable future.

“I’ll continue campaigning for the restoration of sufficient Government grant funding and the devolution of new funds to London,” the manifesto read.