Saturday 2 January 2021 4:30 pm

'I relive pandemic rather than endure lasting Brexit damage,' says Pimlico Plumbers founder

With 2020 done and dusted, the coronavirus pandemic caused havoc and helped to put last year down in the history books for the wrong reasons, London’s most famous plumber, Pimlico Plumbers’ founder and CEO Charlie Mullins, told City A.M.

“Having said that, I would relive this current crisis rather than endure the lasting damage that we are about to inflict on ourselves with Brexit.”

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has massively impacted the UK’s economy and taken thousands of lives.

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“But no one asked for Covid or thought it was a good idea, it just happened,” Mullins observes, adding that “the same cannot be said for Brexit and I think the outrageous handling of the UK’s departure from the EU is what will finally give Boris the boot out of Number 10, rather than his mismanagement of the pandemic.”

“We have vaccines being rolled out left, right and centre to help with the pandemic, but we don’t have anything to save us from Brexit. Certainly not our former European partners who will be too busy rescuing their own economies to help us Brits,” Mullins said.

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Since the UK voted to leave the EU the Summer of 2016, Mullins said Londoners had “empty promises blasted at us,” singling out promises with regards to the NHS and lucrative new markets around the world to an “easy, oven-ready” trade deal with the EU.

“The latter proving to be the biggest lie of them all,” Mullins concluded.

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