Thursday 4 June 2015 5:22 am

LinkedIn out loud: Watch the terrible things written in people's profiles read by actors in this cringeworthy video

We all know people write some terrible things on their LinkedIn profile. Let's be honest, you're probably connected to a few of them.

Now, the full horror of all those cringeworthy jargon and BS-filled phrases has been realised.

We knew they were bad to read on screen, put a video in which those words are read out loud by actors brings it to life in the most hilarious way possible.

"Welcome to a window into the life of me" trumpets one. "What makes Darren Hill so special?" asks another, in all seriousness.

They range from the ridiculous:

I don't call meetings 'meetings', they're 'doings'

I run towards fires

I'm not a boss. There's only one boss and that's Mr customer

To the downright bizarre:

I rebuilt the homes of the survivors of an avalanche

I'm not racist

Apparently, I look like Idris Elba

All have genuinely been written by real-life people in their LinkedIn profiles.

There really are just too many gems to choose from – and that's just from part one. Watch all three videos below.

And if you want more, the creators (production company Joseph & Joseph) have put together a collection of the worst ones in all their glory on this Tumblr.

"Perhaps that's why I'm so good at it"

"I'm probably more of a cat person myself"

"Just like Jesus Christ was a carpenter… I'm a sales executive"