Thursday 25 February 2021 9:00 am

Goldman Sachs and Rolls Royce team up with Code First Girls to help close gender skills gap

Goldman Sachs, Rolls Royce and Bank of America, among others, are teaming up with Code First Girls, a UK group dedicated to closing gender skills gaps and bringing women into technology roles.

Code First Girls will provide mentorship programmes along with up to £10,000 in free education to women undertaking technology related training courses. The latest partnerships are part of Code First Girls’ pledge to double its community to 40,000 women.

The groups announcement follows the publication of recent data from McKinsey & Company, which revealed that women’s jobs are 1.8 times more vulnerable to Covid-19 than men’s job. In the global economy women only make up 39 per cent of employees but account for 54 per cent of overall job losses, the data showed.

Anna Brailsford, the CEO of Code First Girls, said: “At a time when women have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, our priority is to help women achieve fair employment in the tech industry. We have seen a vast increase in interest for our courses, since the first lockdown, with over 800 per cent growth in registrations for classes.”