Thursday 30 April 2015 5:19 am

General Election 2015 mapped: Conservative strongholds enjoy house price growth almost triple Labour areas

Conservative stronghold constituencies have enjoyed the biggest jump in house prices since the last election, with a rate of growth almost three times higher than Labour majorities.

Data compiled by online estate agents reveals that areas which elected Conservative MPs in 2010 were far more likely to enjoy the effects of the UK property boom than those which put their weight behind Labour or the Liberal Democrats.

House prices in the 20 biggest Tory majority constituencies have soared by 17.1 per cent in the last five years, compared to a 5.8 per cent bump in the equivalent Labour areas.

Overall, Conservative constituencies saw an average price rise of 16 per cent, Lib Dems 14 per cent and Labour 14 per cent.

Outside of London, eight of the 10 best performing constituencies in terms of average house price growth were Conservative areas with one Labour and one Lib Dem constituency also on the list.

Unsurprisingly, London boroughs have performed the best with almost half recording house price growth of over 30 per cent and nine even adding over £150,000 to its average price.

Tory stronghold Kensington delivered the biggest house price growth in the country at 42 per cent, while beyond the capital Conservative constituency South Cambridgeshire was the biggest beneficiary with a 29 per cent increase to an average price of £434,221.

However, the property prices frenzy did not spread across the entire country with nine constituencies recording declines – five Labour and four Conservative. Labour-run Bishop Auckland in County Durham felt an 8.4 per cent fall in prices since the coalition came to power.