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UK Daily Life 2021

House prices are heading upwards right across the country – but some London boroughs are doing better than others. New

June 21, 2021

Ever wondered what property prices are doing in your neck of the woods? Perhaps borough by borough? What about street

June 21, 2021

London lost £20bn in home sales during hte first 14 months of Covid-19, these capital boroughs bucked the trend

June 16, 2021

The average house price of a Westminster property is £1,000,559.73, yet the average council tax bill is £945. Compare that

June 14, 2021

London has brushed off fears its population plan to leave en-masse, however home working has influenced where workers would like

June 9, 2021

London’s property market witnessed a 19.4 per cent decrease in the number of sellers willing to drop their asking prices,

June 9, 2021

The property market has boomed over the past year, thanks to the stamp duty holiday which has given a lot

June 7, 2021

Foreign buyers from primarily East Asian nations are cashing in across London’s new build market as a result of a

June 7, 2021

Skimpy pay packets were the most likely reason Londoners could not get their dream home, according to a survey today,

June 4, 2021

Banks and building societies handed out more mortgages to first-time buyers in March than any time since 2002. Across the

June 3, 2021

Competition in the mortgage market is heating up with the launch of new 0.99 per cent rate deals. Nationwide Building

June 1, 2021
UK Eases Some Restrictions In Eighth Week Of Coronavirus Lockdown

The total value of houses sold in the UK is set to reach £461bn this year, a 46 per cent

May 26, 2021

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