Monday 29 October 2018 5:47 pm

Fuel duty frozen for ninth year in a row


Fuel duties will be frozen for the ninth year in a row, the government announced today.

The continued freeze on the tax added to the price of petrol has saved the average car driver more than £1000 since 2010, Chancellor Philip Hammond said this afternoon. 

"We will freeze fuel duties for the ninth successive year… …bringing the total saving to the average car driver to over £1,000… …and to the average van driver to over £2,500," he said as he announced the Autumn budget. 

Capital Step co-founder and partner Rael Sarembock commented: "Hammond has provided a much-needed nod to the small retailers and business owners who form the lifeblood of the UK's bricks and mortar economy.

"The Chancellor has gone further by announcing that fuel duty will be frozen for the ninth year running – key initiative for many small businesses who rely on cars and vans for their core operation to function."