Tuesday 6 July 2021 12:45 pm

Fiena is London's first female-only 'adventure' members' club

As we approach the beginning of the end of Covid restrictions, it seems clear that the way we work and socialise will be drastically different going forward. Despite most firms being desperate to see a full return to office life, it seems likely that we’ll settle into a more flexible routine.

But even those who have adapted best to working remotely will experience drawbacks: less time spent in the office means less time bouncing ideas off one another and, just as importantly, less time socialising. Where after-work drinks were once a staple of the working week, they look set to become more ad hoc and less frequent.

So how does one fill this void? For a certain type of cosmopolitan, independent woman, the answer might be Fiena. Described as “London’s only women’s adventure members club”, Fiena gives women the opportunity to meet and socialise with likeminded people, building relationships and expanding their networks.

A Fiena art event
A Fiena art event

“I wanted to meet millennial, fun girlfriends who were motivated by the same values as me; success, wealth and living an abundant life,” says founder Jae Ruax. “I used to go out to brunches and networking parties but there was nothing fun and millennial, and I felt the people I met weren’t necessarily the ones I’d want to launch a business with or travel the world with. It’s bizarre, you can be surrounded by so many people in London but still feel they’re not ‘your’ people. I wanted to join a club like Fiena but it didn’t exist.”

So Ruax took the plunge and set up Fiena, taking inspiration from ‘nomad’ or ‘Bali living’ to start a club with no defined premises, instead organising events in a wide range of venues, locations and events, from luxury fashion to global business seminars, yoga wellness days to outdoor sporting events. 

“When you think of Bali you think of peace, easy living, sunshine vibes and wellness and there’s definitely an element of that within Fiena. Nomadic living is really more of a mindset. It’s about making your own rules, being independently spirited and not being afraid to create a life – and career – outside of the lines. That’s the Fiena spirit.

While Covid has impacted Fiena over the last 15 months, the club never shut down, continuing with a series of online events. But now restrictions are finally set to end, Ruax believes Fiena will become more relevant than ever.

“People really can’t wait to get out and make the most of life and the city. We’ve adapted our summer schedule to include lifestyle days such as beach days to Brighton, boxing in the park (with Kobox!), boating down the Thames as well as the usual luxury member brunches and business events.”

Fiena can also help with the shifting working practices that have evolved over the last year, offering passes to coworking clubs including Uncommon near Liverpool Street and Home Grown Club in Marylebone. 

As a relatively small club – Fiena currently has around 500 members – events are often created on the suggestion of members. So who is the archetypal Fiena member?

Cocktails at the Mandrake with Fiena
Cocktails at the Mandrake with Fiena

“She is cosmopolitan, with a diverse range of interests and an independent character,” says Ruax. “She has a passion for the good life, and prides herself on constant personal development and interests across spirituality, fitness, travel and fashion. Our members come from a diversity of professions ranging from aviators, investors, tech entrepreneurs, realtors, doctors, corporate directors and sportswomen.”

She says the advantages of creating female only events are myriad.

“There has always been a certain spark, a certain something, in the connections and conversations women have with other women. Fiena is a place to enjoy those sparks and gain from the joining of female friendships. 

“Having a pack of great girlfriends is a ‘must’ in a city like london. it’s not necessarily about there being no men. It’s just nice to have a space to do ‘girly’ things like nights out and also push boundaries through trying things like dirt biking.”

Annual membership to Fiena costs £750 and can be paid upfront or through a monthly plan, with members gaining access to an app to help plan their Fiena lifestyle.

“Living in the city is so rewarding but sometimes you can feel that life is passing you by,” says Ruax. “You get into the same routine: work, gym, bar, sleep, repeat). Joining a club like Fiena allows you to branch out, meet people and try things you’d never otherwise get to.