Thursday 23 September 2021 12:44 pm

Crypto AM is delighted to announce as a Silver Partner will be a Silver Partner and participant in the upcoming Crypto AM Summit and Awards 2021 event that will take place on September 29 and 30.

A Message From … is a centralised cryptocurrency exchange that empowers anyone to get started with trading cryptocurrencies. Currently, traders on our exchange can choose between more than 400 spot trading pairs and benefit from fast trade execution and deep liquidity.

To enable anyone to get started, even when it is their first time using a crypto-exchange, we have partnered with reputable payment providers such as Banxa, Mercuryo, and Moonpay to provide safe, secure, and affordable “buy crypto” options.

For any trader who feels overwhelmed by having to comb various platforms to find information about their portfolio, offers an analytics dashboard that combines data from news outlets, social media, and vital trading charts to give traders a holistic overview. By using the analytics dashboard, traders can easily see the latest tweets and news while doing technical analysis on their portfolio currencies.

Our lightning-fast API can be used by individuals and businesses alike to automate their trading, and execute highly complex trading strategies.

We take the security of our user’s funds very seriously and store a large majority of the entrusted assets through our highly sophisticated custodial system, offline and out of the reach of would-be attackers. Our custodial solution has stood the test of time and our dedicated team is continuously working on keeping it that way.

History behind wasn’t always called The name is part of a more significant push to drive adoption and align the brand with the values we stand for.

When we first launched the exchange, was known under the name Exchange, and part of the ecosystem. Headed by CEO Danish Chaudhry, who has an extensive background in financial services and the cryptocurrency industry,we have seen tremendous growth in the two years. We have onboarded more than a million new users and at peak took custody of more than 220 million worth of crypto assets.

The exchange also facilitated the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of Atari. Atari, known for its legendary gaming consoles and influence in the entertainment industry, decided to partner with the exchange to sell their Atari Token. Throughout the IEO period, traders could purchase the Atari Token in a seamless manner against various cryptocurrencies.  The token sale was a huge success and raised $1 million in less than 24 hours.

In August 2021, we were awarded the best Exchange at the AIBC summit in Dubai.

The re-branding

To celebrate the second anniversary and all the milestones reached, we decided to go through a significant rebranding.

With the new brand, we want to emphasise our passion for driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies further. FMFW is an acronym for “Free the Money, Free the World”, and pays homage to the legacy of Satoshi Nakamoto who, with his creation of Bitcoin, enabled people to take charge of their own money.

As a centralised exchange, helps onboard new traders into the world of crypto, and provides seasoned traders a trusted platform to execute their trades.

We’re always monitoring our community’s feedback to scope new assets to list and features to add, so that we can  provide the best trading experience. To incentivise traders who enjoy using our platform, we will be rolling out an ambassador program soon. We’re also frequently hosting trading competitions with prize pools ranging up to $20,000 in crypto.

To learn more about, head to our website and sign-up to trade.