Tuesday 14 February 2017 8:36 pm

Workers at this City stalwart have been banned from drinking during the day

Looks like it's going to be dry January all year long for the boozers at Lloyd's of London.

City workers at the historic institution have been banned from drinking during the day because alcohol has caused so may disciplinary cases, according to the Evening Standard.

Lloyd's, known for its world-class work in insurance, now has a new accolade; one employee has crowned the City firm "the PC capital of the world".

Another worker asked if they would soon be asked "to go to bed earlier soon" – although, there are probably plenty of City suits who would like their managers to let them hit the hay earlier.

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The new health-kick for Lloyd's employees has been handed to them by the HR department, but the City stalwart itself has not come out of the incident unscathed. One employee pointed out that it wasn't so long ago that the company was plying them with alcohol at the annual Christmas party – and that there had been "very little food to be found".

It is not clear why Lloyd's employees feel the need to consume so much alcohol, but rumours have been circling about the firm moving to the continent. Perhaps it's the thought of having to live and work in Luxembourg that is driving them to drink.

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