Thursday 29 April 2021 5:30 pm

Cardano teams up with Save the Children for humanitarian initiative

The Cardano Foundation and Save the Children – one of the largest international non-profit organisations (NPO) for children – are actively exploring ways to use Cardano and the ADA digital currency for the benefit of their humanitarian initiatives in East Africa.

Announced at today’s IOHK Africa Show, Save the Children will install a payment gateway to accept ADA donations directly, without intermediaries.

The Cardano Foundation, the non-profit arm of one of the world’s largest blockchain ecosystems, will work with Save the Children’s team in Rwanda to identify areas where blockchain technology could advance its missions, especially those associated with its Kumwe Hub.

The Kumwe Hub, which means ‘Together’ in Kinyarwanda, is an African-based Impact Innovation Hub that allows Save the Children’s country offices to better engage with the technology and business sectors; amplifying impact for children and families in education, health, and protection.

“We are very pleased to welcome Save the Children into the Cardano ecosystem,” said Eva Oberholzer, Chief Growth Officer at the Cardano Foundation.

A tool for social good

“This milestone is significant for two reasons – for one, it proves the utility of our digital currency, ADA, and cements its position as a tool for social good.

“Secondly, it proves how easy it is to accept ADA through the deployment of payment gateways. We look forward to welcoming more charitable organisations into our ecosystem in the near future – and we’re already in talks to do so.”

The integration, made possible through COTI’s ADApay gateway, will be one of the first times that an international NPO can receive and hold ADA donations without the necessity to first convert into fiat currencies – a major milestone for the future of ADA as a functional digital currency. 

Katherine Uwimana of the Save the Children Kumwe Hub welcomed the partnership at today’s IOHK Africa Show.

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“Together we are ensuring blockchain solutions and the benefits associated with decentralised infrastructure are being leveraged for the good of children and families in Rwanda and across East Africa,” she said.

“From investing in local entrepreneurs who are tackling youth unemployment, to digitalising school records for refugee children crossing borders, our aim is to maximise and direct new technologies to solve some of the biggest problems facing children in Africa today.”

In late March 2021, the Cardano Foundation announced that more than $500 million was being delegated to community-led, mission-driven stake pools on the Cardano network, making the ecosystem one of the largest decentralised donations platforms in the world. 

Since this announcement, a further $270 million has flowed to mission-driven pools, and charities such as Save the Children are set to become the key beneficiaries of this initiative.

To learn more about the collaboration between the Cardano Foundation and Save the Children, tune in to IOHK’s Africa Show on 29 April 2021, from 16:30 UTC. For those looking to support Save the Children’s work in East Africa with an ADA donation, please follow this link: