Thursday 18 October 2018 11:15 am

Black cabs to launch in Paris (but will they go south of the Seine?)


London’s black cabs will launch in Paris next year as the Chinese owner of the iconic design continues its global expansion.

In 2017 the Geely-owned London Electric Vehicle Company said it would launch its taxis in Amsterdam, Oslo, Berlin and Hamburg.

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The company said today that its TX eCity electric black cab had been approved for use by Parisian authorities and would now be able to be used as a taxi in the city with a launch tabled for the first half of next year.

Chief executive Chris Gubbey said: “Given the air pollution difficulties facing French cities, we are very much looking forward to giving both drivers and passengers new options in Paris following a very positive reception on the streets.”

“This truly bolsters our European position and we look forward to serving the cities of France alongside those in Norway, the Netherlands and Germany.”

Geely has owned the black cab design since 2012 when Manganese Bronze Holdings, the parent company of The London Taxi Company, went into administration.

Geely rescued part of the business and launched its new electric taxi design, manufactured in Coventry, in 2017.

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