Tuesday 6 July 2021 3:47 pm

Bank of England staff to come in one day a week

Daily news reporter,

Government guidelines regarding working from home is set to be scrapped on July 19th along with many other restrictions. Bank of England has asked all staff to come in to the office once a week, but this is not to be fully implemented until September, this year.

The deputy governor and chief operating officer, Joanna Place has conducted a survey and discovered that the majority of the staff hope to work from home at least two days a week. Ms Place said time and physical presence with teams was important and she expected that staff would eventually average about three-four days in the office, with one to two days working from home.

Since the pandemic struck 5 per cent of the Bank of England staff have been coming into office. Understanding the drastic changes Ms Place commented, in this spirit, the governors and I have established a set of trial guidelines – and which we are positioning as a pilot – which encourage more flexible working and only ask that our colleagues return to the office at least once per week for ‘team days’.