Thursday 1 April 2021 5:20 pm

Akon launches AkoinNFT to empower artists

The Akoin team, responsible for the digital asset platform and cryptocurrency AKN, created by music artist and philanthropist Akon, has partnered with to create AkoinNFT.

Launching today, AkoinNFT will be a full-service creation, design, minting, and distribution platform for providing artists around the world the full power of NFTs.

According to Akon, the idea behind the NFT is to empower artists who are eager to capitalise and create ongoing sustainability through the execution of NFTs covering unique collaborations across music, art, photography, film/TV/animation, theatre, social impact, sports, gaming/eSports, brands, and influencers.   

“We believe in artists of all talents,” Akon said.

“We support artists for we are artists and there’s never been a better time to put the power back in our collective hands to create a greater connection with fans.” 

AkoinNFT is a complete ecosystem providing artists, creators and brands their own storefronts and tools needed to deliver unique NFTs that ignite and reignite brands, careers, merchandise and more, while also pairing new generations of collaborators for innovative artistry and creation.  

AkoinNFT has partnered with – a cutting-edge NFT platform technology operating in stealth mode – to bring its ecosystem to life. Taqo provides a myriad services to companies such as AkoinNFT related to facilitating NFT minting, distribution, launch strategy, and execution. 

Layer 2 solutions

The Taqo platform is built on Web3 architecture, leveraging Lazy Minting techniques to reduce fees, while employing cutting-edge Layer 2 solutions to increase scalability and transactional throughput. 

Given the speed at which the NFT ecosystem is evolving, Taqo founder Kavon Soltani says having leading experts and technology in this space is essential for anyone looking to launch successful NFT series.

“Joining forces with the AkoinNFT team to move this industry forward has been a lightning bolt experience and one we are all massively proud of,” he said.

“Together we will bring to market-leading technology and mindshare to maximise revenue, engagement, and social impact for all NFT content based on the artists’ brand, community, and platform.”

The AkoinNFT platform provides artists with access to leading sales models and release formats including a variety of auction formats, loot boxes, open collection minting, and many more.