High Speed 2

Both the Prime Minister and the chancellor will back plans for a high-speed rail line in the North of England [...]

26 October 2014

HS2 has taken another step towards construction after three new non-executive directors were appointed to the [...]

21 October 2014

A high-speed rail connection between Leeds and Manchester would boost the northern economy, chancellor George [...]

5 August 2014

The construction headquarters of the High Speed 2 (HS2) railway line will be based in Birmingham it was announced [...]

22 July 2014

In London and much of the South East, the recovery has been well underway for a considerable period of time. House [...]

16 July 2014

Chancellor George Osborne’s plan for a High Speed 3 rail link between Manchester and Leeds in the north of the [...]

24 June 2014

George Osborne will today launch a fervent defence of the proposed £43bn High Speed 2 rail link from London to [...]

23 June 2014

YESTERDAY saw the House of Commons give the green light to HS2 at second reading, with the bill now heading into [...]

28 April 2014

NEW RESEARCH claims the benefits of the High Speed 2 railway for the north of England have been exaggerated, and [...]

28 April 2014

THE BOSS of Eurotunnel has said plans to axe the link between High Speed 2 and the railway to the Continent are [...]

25 April 2014

Spare a thought for the post room at Golder Associates, the company hired by the Department for Transport to assess [...]

9 April 2014

BUSINESS groups broadly supported plans to shake up the High Speed 2 project yesterday, though concerns remain [...]

18 March 2014

Business groups have been broadly supportive of the changes to High Speed 2, set out this morning by new chairman [...]

17 March 2014

THE NEW head of the controversial High Speed 2 railway has today urged the government to speed up work on the [...]

17 March 2014

THE COST of building HS2, the new high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham, could spiral out of control, [...]

13 January 2014

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