Kids today: Watching TV is a punishment for iPad generation of children

Catherine Neilan
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Remember the good old days, when you had to promise to be good to get half an hour of cartoons? (Source: Getty)
Watching TV used to be something you had to negotiate as a post-homework treat – now it has become a punishment for a new generation of children.
TV has been edged out by smartphones and tablets as the entertainment platform of choice – but it is so disliked by the new generation of kids that when they misbehave, parents take away their iPads and tell them they have to “watch TV instead”.
That's the case for half of households where children have access to a tablet or smartphone according to a recent study.
The study, conducted in the US by brand consultants Miner & Co, found that kids preferred the personal freedom of mobile devices, allowing them to watch what they want without having to compromise with their parents or siblings.
Tablets are even more popular than dessert, the study found, while TV is now second or third screen for many kids.
Miner & Co Studio said the study had implications for “TV networks, cable and satellite companies, streaming services and content creators as they market and develop entertainment for the next generation”.

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