General Election 2015: Green Party ad features singing coalition quartet and mocks lack of diversity

Guy Bentley
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The Greens hope to capture public attention with bold ad (Source: Getty)

The Green Party has released what can only charitably be described as a different kind of party political broadcast.

Rather than use the story of an individual family like or a well-known and popular actor to make their case the Greens opted to present a singing quartet of Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and David Cameron.

The video pokes fun at the lack of diversity and interchangeability of the four men at the top of British politics. The Greens should be careful, however, when challenging other parties about diversity given the fact they have the worst record on black and minority ethnic candidates of any other party - including Ukip.

The party's leader Natalie Bennett has struggled to cut through with the public after a series of horrific interviews where the Green policies were torn to shreds by the BBC's Andrew Neil and LBC's Nick Ferrari.

Yesterday on the Today Programme Bennett was grilled by John Humphreys on the Party's policy of a guaranteed basic income. After a tough interview Bennett was dealt another blow when Humphreys ended the interview and confused her for the only Green MP Caroline Lucas.

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