General Election 2015: Tory campaign wins out with voters

Guy Bentley
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Tory campaign leads the pack (Source: Getty)

Despite the relentless stream of negative ads, posters and dodgy stats the voters appear to be more receptive to the major parties' campaigns than are the pundits.

As we lurch through the second week of the campaign, a new YouGov poll heralds good news for the Tories' election guru Lynton Crosby. The Conservative Party's campaign is seen to be performing best, according to voters.

The poll conducted for the Times Red Box showed the Tories scoring a net positive rating of 13 per cent up from a net of four per cent In February. Labour achieved a net rating of four per cent.

While the Labour campaign may be lagging behind the Tories, they made the largest gain of any party soaring from a net negative rating of minus 30 to cross over into positive territory.

Last week, the nation was treated to the only TV debate of the campaign that featured Ed Miliband and David Cameron on the same stage. Neither of the main national parties enjoyed a lift in the polls following the contest, but the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon was widely credited with putting in a good performance.

Labour and the Conservatives traded blows in the papers enlisting business backers to speak out supporting their economic plans.

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