Monday 28 June 2021 7:38 am

World’s largest superyacht puts luxury apartments up for sale

While private boats may be out of reach for all but the world’s richest people, wealthy househunters will now be given the chance to own a slice of what will be the largest superyacht ever built.

Backers of the 220-metre vessel, due to launch in 2024, are offering 39 apartments for sale on the boat starting at €9.5m each.

The project will give buyers “the intimacy of a private yacht alongside the chance to network in a vibrant community of like-minded owners”, investors in the €500m project said today.

Somnio will be more than 40m longer than Azzam, which currently holds the record for the world’s largest boat and is owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family.

The project is being led by Carl Le Souef, a US millionaire who founded skincare firm Private Formula International and now runs sustainable tech group Somnio Global, the Financial Times reported.

Construction has already started on Somnio, with revenue from apartment sales helping to finance the rest of the build.

The flats will cost a minimum of €9.5m, with residents collectively deciding the itinerary for the year.

The yacht will boast a 10,000-bottle capacity wine cellar and a beach club and host talks by scientists using onboard equipment to study marine environments.

It comes amid a boom in demand for luxury yachts as the world’s super-rich turned to private methods of travel during the pandemic.

Earlier this year Amazon boss Jeff Bezos was revealed as the owner of a mammoth superyacht worth a reported $500m.

The vast vessel, known by its project name Y721, is an imposing 127 metres long, spans several decks and is set to boast three huge masts.