Monday 20 January 2020 11:58 am

Wetherspoon to slash prices of drinks on Brexit Day

Pub chain JD Wetherspoon is planning to celebrate Brexit by slashing the prices of a selection of drinks on 31 January as the UK leaves the EU.

The offer will reduce prices of drinks from across Europe, including Estrella Galicia, Beck’s and Peroni, by around 60p.

The promotion – which will run until 29 February – will be available across all of the companies 870 pubs across the UK.

The move appears to signal a change of heart from Brexit-supporting Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin, who previously pledged to reduce the number of EU products sold at his pubs. 

Martin said today that there has been “far too much political posturing” between the UK and EU during the Brexit negotiations.

Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin said: “Many of our customers are keen to celebrate Brexit.

“At the same time we want to remain friends with our European neighbours and offer a range of drinks at an excellent price.

“In my opinion, there has been far too much political posturing in negotiations between the UK and the EU up until now.”

In a statement this morning Martin also said the government should remove tariffs on nearly 13,000 non-EU imports, saying “UK consumers will shun EU goods if tariffs are imposed on UK exports”.

“Let’s stay friends and enjoy free trade, but take account of the economic reality,” he said.

“Consumers hold the whip hand in these negotiations, not governments.”

In September, Martin cut the price of a pint in a publicity stunt to prove a no-deal Brexit would be sustainable for pubs and retailers. 

In the same month he launched a tirade against “elite Remainers”, saying EU supporters were “ignoring the big picture” on Brexit”. 

The businessman used the Wetherspoon in-house magazine to campaign for Leave in the 2016 referendum, and spent £94,856 on almost 2m pro-leave beer mats ahead of the vote. 

DrinkPrice (at 700 pubs – price varies at other venues)
Beck’s Blue (bottle)99p
Beck’s (bottle)£1.49
Ruddles (pint) £1.49
Estrella Galicia (bottle)£1.99
Peroni (bottle)£1.99
Tyskie (bottle)£2.49
Krombacher Pils (bottle)£2.49
Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime£2.49
Bell’s whiskey (25ml and mixer)£1.99
Jameson whiskey (25ml and mixer)£2.99
Penderyn whiskey* (25ml and mixer)£2.99 *only available in Wales
Grey Goose vodka (25ml and mixer) £2.99