Monday 20 July 2015 9:12 pm

Watchdog visits Barclays four times a week as FCA takes on Barclaycard oversight

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Barclays was visited by UK regulators on 186 separate occasions last year – more than twice as many times as the next most-visited lender, figures published yesterday show.

The bank met with supervisors from the Financial Conduct Authority at its offices roughly four out of every five working days in 2014. The next most visited, HSBC, had 85 visits, according to the figures obtained by Bloomberg.

The higher level of interaction underscores Barclays substantial investment bank and consumer credit arm Barclaycard, an area the FCA recently took over monitoring.

Elsewhere, state-backed lender Royal Bank of Scotland Group had 65 visits and Lloyds had 58 meetings. US bank Goldman Sachs met 44 times while Citigroup had 57 encounters. The figures do not reflect visits by banks to the FCA’s offices in Canary Wharf.