Monday 24 August 2015 7:27 pm

UK researchers have developed Moo-Q, an app that knows when you're most productive

When are you at your most productive? Is it just after a good night’s sleep, or after that third cup of coffee kicks in mid-morning?

Perhaps you’re not really sure: In that case, there is now an app for that (of course there is).

UK psychologists have developed an app to help us figure out what time of day we’re feeling most productive. The idea is to track how our moods affect our brain power:

Have you ever wondered if your brain works better when you’re happy? Or worse when you are sad?

Called Moo-Q, this app is available for free on the iOS App Store, and works by trying to figure out how you’re feeling. Fill out how positive or negative your current mood is, and the app will then give you maths and memory tests to complete.

Once you’ve done this five times, the app, developed by researchers at Hungry Mind Lab at Goldsmiths College, has enough information about your mood cycles to give you personal feedback on how your moods and performance change over different times of the day.